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Intrastat Reporting - What's changed since Brexit?

Intrastat returns enable UK and EU authorities to track trade between countries for statistical purposes and they’re also used to check on potential VAT fraud.

If you move goods between UK and the EU then Intrastat reporting may still be relevant for you.

Firstly, confirming some terminology as the devil is in the detail with some of this;

Great Britain (GB) = England, Wales & Scotland

United Kingdom (UK) = England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland

Ireland = Northern Ireland & Republic of Ireland

British Isles = Great Britain & Ireland

It is still the case that non-VAT registered businesses do not need to register for Intrastat.


Since Brexit you still need to register for Intrastat if you import more than £1.5million worth of goods annually from the EU into the UK (England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland).


Since Brexit, you will only need to register for Intrastat if you export more than £250,000 worth of goods annually from Northern Ireland to the EU. You now don’t need to submit Intrastat declarations for goods exported from GB (England, Wales & Scotland) to the EU.

And if that’s sounding a bit tricky to get your head round, try this decision tree to walk yourself through it:

So, what counts towards the value thresholds?

You need to count the value of goods that are:

  • Bought or sold

  • Hired, loaned or leases

  • Supplied as part of a contract for services

  • Supplied free of charge

  • Moved in or out of the UK to be used in construction

  • Transferred between branches of your business

  • Processed

  • Moved out of the UK, then lost or destroyed


  • Temporary exports

  • Services

So if you’ve worked out that Intrastat reporting is relevant for you, the link to register is here: and going forward you will need to make monthly declarations.

So, what exactly is an Intrastat return?

You will need to allocate each of your products a commodity code, this is a numeric description which classifies your goods. In my experience a helpful way of doing this is to create a record for the commodity code alongside your own internal product code. You can look up commodity codes here:

Then you need to report the monthly movement of goods by commodity code either by filling in an online form or by uploading a CSV file. You must submit your declaration within 21 days of the end of the month and if you have no trade to report in that month you should submit a nil return.

I hope that has helped de-mystify Intrastat reporting in the new post Brexit world, and if you would like to discuss Intrastat reporting feel free to get in touch.

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