Accountancy Services

I have so much respect for small businesses, and owner-managed businesses.  The pressure to juggle so many different responsibilities  is intense, and to handle that alongside building and growing your own company is inspiring. 

Do you just want a chat with an accountant who wants to listen and help?

Limited Company Setup

Whether you’re converting from a sole trader or just getting going I can support you on that first step of your business journey.  I can advise on the company structure and can setup the limited company for you. 


I can also advise on accounting systems and get you all set up on one, or can provide you with an excel spreadsheet for your book-keeping if you prefer.  Together we can make that first step on your business journey a good one, knowing you’ve got it right from the start.

Laptop and Notebook

Year end Accounts & Compliance

Nine months seems like a long time to get your accounts done, but whether you like the pressure of a deadline or would rather get them out of the way early, help is on hand. 


I can complete and file your limited company accounts and corporation tax return, whether you’re using an accounting system or if you’ve got excel spreadsheets and bank statements, either is no problem!

Accounting Systems

I am a Xero partner and this is my preferred system, but I also have clients using Quickbooks too so I can advise on both systems. 


If you’re still using excel spreadsheets and feel ready to make the switch onto something more efficient I can help you choose the right system and can do all the legwork for you on moving your data across.


Management Accounts

You are putting so much hard work into growing your business so don’t leave it till the end of the year to review your performance, monthly or quarterly management accounts are the best way of keeping on top your trading. 

It will be a collaborative process to see which areas require more attention and scrutiny.  I will build this into a personalised pack of information for you to use as a monthly bible to give you the confidence and focus to drive your business forward.

Budgets / Forecasts

You may have started off with a plan, but as things got going you probably haven’t had any time to review those early assumptions. 


I have the knowledge to help you look at the bigger picture of your financial progression?  How did you get to this point?  What is your next goal?  How are you going to get there?  Are you on track to make it?

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Cash-flow / Cash Management

I have seen a company on the verge of collapse due to a cash-flow crisis and I saw it come out the other side by implementing a robust cash management system.  It doesn’t matter how many zeros are on the end of your bank balance, you still need to manage it closely. 


I can help you set up and monitor a cash flow forecasting process and can also advise on strategies to get a handle on your cash situation.