About Me

Hi, I'm Joanna.  I have spent more than a decade working for high street brands since qualifying as a Chartered Accountant.

Some of these brands you will recognise and others you won’t because some have been successful and others have closed down. I have seen what made the difference.


Some of the brands were part of larger groups so I also have knowledge of manufacturing, logistics and treasury functions and I’ve had experience in the following areas:

Accounting systems & processes

Management Accounting

Statutory Accounting

Business recovery experience

Financial restructuring experience


I have experienced brands grow exponentially and list on the stock market, and I have seen other brands close down. 


I have worked through a financial crisis and my contribution helped bring the business out the other side. 

I understand how dynamic a small business has to be in order to please your customers and generate sales.  So, I know the importance of getting your hands on the numbers as quickly as possible to inform yourself and focus on driving your business forward.