Retail / Wholesale Businesses

After qualifying as a Chartered Accountant in Practice I spent all my career in Retail/Wholesale businesses. 

I have experienced brands grow exponentially and list on the stock market, and I have seen other brands close down. 

I have experienced a company in a financial crisis and my work helped bring the company out the other side. 


I understand how dynamic a retail/wholesale business has to be in order to please your customers and generate sales.  So, I understand the importance of getting your hands on the numbers as quickly as possible to inform yourself and focus on driving your business forward.   

Sales Reports & Analysis

Sales drive everything in a product based business and keeping on top of your sales trends will put you one step ahead.  The most fast-paced brand I worked for insisted on daily sales reports, others have settled for weekly reports. 


Whichever suits your business best I can provide and maintain them for you.

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Management Accounts

I understand how fast-paced retail/wholesale businesses are so don’t leave it till the end of the year to review your performance, monthly or quarterly management accounts are the best way of keeping on top your trading. 

It will be a collaborative process to see which areas require more attention and scrutiny.  I will create and build this into a personalised pack of information for you to use as a monthly or quarterly bible to give you the confidence and focus to drive your business forward.

Peak Trading Analysis

Comparing this month/week to last year is not always consistent when your peak trading periods don’t line up year on year.  For example; when Easter falls on a different date, and sometimes in a different month.

I can provide analysis that exactly lines up your peak trading periods so you can see exactly how it has developed year on year. 

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Cash-flow forecasting/ Cash management

I have seen a company on the verge of collapse due to a cash-flow crisis and I saw it come out the other side by implementing a robust cash management system.  It doesn’t matter how many zeros are on the end of your bank balance, you still need to manage it closely.

Budgeting/ Forecasting

Any peak or dip in sales for a product-based business can have a big effect on how the rest of the year pans out.  Re-forecasting (updating your budget assumptions to reflect your new expectations) will give you a clearer plan and focus for the next few months.

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Loans / Letters of Credit

I fully appreciate the gap that can arise between buying your stock and selling it to your customer and that gap often needs to be plugged by external financing. 


I have first-hand experience of dealing with bank loans and letters of credit and can support on both these areas.