Retail Services

Since qualifying as a Chartered Accountant I have spent all my career in Retail/ Wholesale businesses.  I have experienced brands grow exponentially and list on the stock market and I have seen other brands close down.  I have worked through a high street brand's financial crisis and my work helped bring it out the other side. 


I understand how dynamic retailers have to be in order to please your customers and generate sales.

Container Ship

Import / Export Consultancy

Brexit has changed trading with Europe, and I can support you with importing/ exporting.

  • Import One Stop Shop - for paying the European import VAT on behalf of customers.

  • Intratstat requirements have also changed, I can support you on setting up or maintaining an Intrastat reporting process.

  • Letters of Credit management.  - I fully appreciate the gap between buying your stock and selling it on to your customers and that gap often needs to be plugged with external financing.  I have first hand experience of dealing with bank loans and letters of credit and can support on both these areas.

Creative Thoughts

Profit & Pricing Review

  • Are you going VAT registered and want to review your prices?

  • Do you want to slim down your product range and focus on the most profitable items?

  • Are your material costs going up and you're wondering whether to source new suppliers?

  • Do you want to employ someone but not sure if your business can support it?

There are many decisions to make that can affect your profits, and it’s hard to figure out the best route forward on your own.


We can work together on a project basis and I will help you review and understand the financial impact of each decision giving you the confidence to take those big steps forward that can feel scary when you’re by yourself.

Planning & Strategy Partnership

It can be lonely running your own business and it can feel like a burden when all the decisions lie with you. 

Does any of this sound familiar:

  • You want to grow your business but don’t know what to focus on?

  • You agonise over decisions because you don’t have anyone else to discuss them with? 

  • You don’t know how to interpret accounting data from your business

  • You’re working reactively in your business instead of proactively

  • You would like to get advice on best practices, and get reassurance that you’re making the right decisions for your own business direction.

  • You already have an accountant who does the compliance bits for the company but they don’t actually help you run your business.

How it works

We’ll have an induction call to talk through any particular areas of concern or focus, then leave me to go through your accounting history to get a feel for your business.  And then we’ll meet quarterly, or more often if needed. We will probably cover a mix of financial and non-financial stuff, I will advise on best practices and flag up any areas for improvement.  We will discuss short term & long term goals and how to achieve them.

Based on your priorities I can create custom reports to help you track your progress towards your goals and help you get a better understanding of your financial data.  Any questions in between sessions, I’m still by your side, you can drop me an email or call if you need to.

We can work together on a fixed term if there’s a particular project or transition, or it can be on an ongoing basis if you want the value of an experienced business partner to be an integral part of your business.